Basic 1 package


•Free entry to CSD events

•Access to our outdoor creative space

$75 monthly


V1 package


•Access to our outdoor creative space

•Free entry to CSD events

•Designated 6x6ft  wall space for

 hangable art,merch, shelves, etc.

 $150 monthly

V2 package


•Access to our outdoorcreative space

•Free entry to CSD events

•Designated 6x6ft floor space for

 table, clothing rack , merch,

 sculpture, installation, or other.

 $200 monthly


M1 package


•Access to our outdoor creative space

•Free entry to CSD events

•Loud Music practice / self recording [3 hours a week]

Great for DJs, Bands, or Dance rehearsals !

$150 monthly

M2 package


•Access to our outdoor creative space

•Free entry to CSD events

•Loud Music practice / self recording [6 hours a week]

Great for DJs, Bands, or Dance rehearsals !

$300 monthly

Private Creative Space

Gold package 




•Access to our outdoor creative space

•Free entry to CSD events

•One private 10x10ft creative space for

 work space, office, live streams, store front, podcasts, interviews, painting etc.  

$800 monthly



How do you become a member ?

Meet at our shop in person, fill out a contract and you can be a member in no time!

Why should you become a member ?

•We are open 10 hours a day for all your creative needs or ideas. 

•CSD will be located on the busiest street in North Park, foot traffic is insane!


•Visual Shop, a local art supply store, is on the same block for any supplies needed for your projects


• CSD ‘s network is HUGE! Many artists, collectors, buyers, and sellers will check out your work daily.


• We offer exclusive low price packages for all budgets that can’t be found in San Diego.


• You are guarenteed to network/collab with new diverse artists.


• Our memberships allow you to visit CSD after dark, when all of our lighting, effects, and props

will be fully activated! It’s an experience every night !


• You may host private events/ uses/ and more.


• You may draw on our family canvas with markers anytime !


• You may spray paint anything or build anything in our backyard


• Our space is over 3000 square feet.


• You gain credibility and exposure with CSD than any other creative space or collective.


•You will gain experience working in a shared space that benefits your art, business, & network.


• Free Wifi & no longterm leases! 


• You don’t need to be at the creative space to sell work, OUR TEAM WILL SELL IT FOR YOU EVERYDAY.


•There is a better chance to be seen, sell work, network, and grow as an artist when you are a member.

Membership Terms

•We are open from 12pm to 10pm, all ages, and free to enter.


•When becoming a member, there is a non-refundable activation fee of $50.

 Once you are activated you may pay your membership month to month.

•If CSD makes sales using our square up credit card system, we will add a 4%  square up fee when using credit cards.


•While in the backyard, you can create anything, come prepared with a table or whatever needed for your craft.


•The backyard can  be used for spray painting, wood work, or any power tool

• This is a shared space, so there may be a variety of guests,diverse artists & performers entering and practicing

 in one day. Learn to be okay with distractions, loud music,colorful lighting after 8pm and other creative ideas sparking.


•There is no loud music permitted until AFTER 4:30 pm! unless stated otherwise.


•We will allow professional professional video or photo cameras to be used. Let us know when you want to 

schedule your shoot. 


•NO smoking ANYTHING inside or in the backyard, Smoking only permitted 50 ft away from the outside of the building.


• NO Illegal drugs, dealing, or storing on the property.


• NO alcohol on the property.


•NO aggressive/loud dogs while inside..


•No incents or sage please.


•We sometimes randomly close for buyouts/private uses, or just a day off- we can inform you when that happens.


•We will hold you accountable if your you and your guest

 is damaging the property, disrespecting, sexual harrassing or just over intoxicated/faded.


•We go by a “see something, say something” rule, SPEAK UP if someone reckless 

{getting loud, stealing, disrespectful, sexual harrasing,stealing,drug dealing, damaging, acting a fool }

Find and inform the manager on site or direct them out of the space. 


•We have lockers available for rent at $25 ea. (monthly)


•Do not leave cans, trash, or any garbage anywhere, this is not your mom’s basement. There is a trash in the bathroom.


•Do not leave leftover FOOD/trash in the trashcan, please take it outside to the outside trash by the bustop.


•If you see any trash bags overflowing with garbage, please be a good member and take the trash out!

This is a community space, the manager should not be the only one responsible for this.


•Please refrain from gathering outside the front of the building! We don’t want to attract a “party” looking vibe.


•Closing time is at 10pm.


•CSD is not liable for any injury, death, sickness (covid) that may

occur while inside.


•You are responsible for any damages to the buidling, stolen property, equiptment, props, or installations.