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What is it ?

Connect San Diego, located in Ocean Beach.  We always cater to our community by bringing people together with experiences, knowledge, retail, pop ups and services. Please read below for a detailed description of our space and check our other tabs for rentals, services and upcoming events.



Our shop is dedicated to art, clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts, oddities and more- all for sale by local vendors.

Open 7 days a week from 12pm-6pm.

4847 Newport Ave.

San Diego, CA, 92107

We sometimes close randomly. 

Life is unpredictable!

How it works

We created our own membership program that allows us to stay open for the community. Each member of the shop contributes to Connect in exchange for their own section in our shop. When you purchase something from one of the members, they benefit directly from you. Connect doesn’t take a percentage from their sales. Everything is for sale, except the props and installations...


Our newest expansion SH!FT is located right next door!

We dedicated this side as an art gallery and gathering space for local artists.

We allow guests to rent our space for their own gallery shows, dance parties, comedy, fashion and more. This space is equipped with sound, lighting, tables, chairs, and lots of space for anything you can think of!

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