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About Us

Connect San Diego

What is it ?
Connect San Diego is an instructional creative space. We teach classes for DJ, Photography, and Spray painting. We provide memberships for artists to create, practice their crafts, sell their pieces and network.  We are located in North Park and Ocean Beach. Two San Diego neighborhoods loaded with restaurants, breweries and murals.


The Details


3784 30th st.

San Diego, CA, 92104

We are open from 12pm to 8pm, all ages, and free to enter.

Closed on Tuesdays + Wednesdays


4847 Newport Ave.

San Diego, CA, 92107

We are open from 12pm to 8pm, all ages, and free to enter.

Closed on Mondays +Tuesdays 

We sometimes close randomly. 

Life is unpredictable!

What you should know

•We do not allow professional, go-pro, DSLR cameras or professional

video cameras  to be used inside, unless you are a member or you booked a private photo shoot.


•Cell phones are okay. Film cameras are okay.


•NO smoking, NO alcohol, or aggressive/loud dogs while inside or in the back. 

Smoking is only permitted 50 ft away outside of the building.


• There is a spray paint area available for practice!

 $20 for 2 hours!

•You can practice mixing on professional CDJ & Mixer equipment.

$30 hourly! 


•Buyouts/private uses, photo/video shoots, music practice

 are available for booking.


•If you are causing trouble, over intoxicated, 

harassing guests or members, attempting to steal or damage

the space, you will be asked to leave

CSD is not liable for any injury, death, sickness (+covid) that may

occur while inside


You are responsible for any damages to

the buidling, equiptment, props, or installations.

How it Started

Connect San Diego was originally a pop up event that was only supposed to be a one night thing, on March 16, 2018.

We linked together with many local performers, visual artists, vendors, and a venue.

The event was named Connect San Diego because we displayed a variety of different phones and interactive art pieces throughout the venue, but also connecting everyone with the local artists of our community. Our line up of artists was unpredictable, diverse and real. Our ambience was fresh, fun, and interactive. Around 100 guests showed up to support the first ever event.

That night we knew that there was a demand for these experiences to continue.

Since then , we  created more pop up events throughout 2018-2020 all over town -transforming venues, allowing around 500 artists to network, grow, and create as a community.

We opened our first shop in North Park on September 1st, 2020.

Our membership system was working so well that we opened another shop in Ocean Beach on October 1st, 2021.

As Connect grew, so did our recognizable antique phone collection!

We are the proud owners of 50+ rotary and push button phones, as well as three antique phone booths. These are our favorite pieces to display at our events to this day!

The phones has become our trademark for us, and the idea of connecting people with interactive art and music experiences.

Our full story was updated in the local paper !