Connect San Diego has many services that can be done at our warehouse or on the go ! We can pop up for any event or situation with professional equipment, props, installations and more.



Plan your photo/video shoot, live stream, and more at our creative space









Private Practice, Shoots, and more  


•To book , please schedule it in person or by phone call  

619 • 255 • 9337


Pop up


Standard Sound

includes:: 2 speakers, 1 Dj Mixer, 1 mic, 1 engineer [6 hours]


Professional Colored lighting-Spotlights-Strobes (indoor+outdoor)

$50-$500  [6 hours]


6ft Interactive Graffiti canvas wall

includes:: Markers, lighting, and canvas

[transportation included]

[Time TBD]


Interactive Graffiti phone booth

includes:: Markers & Lighting

[transportation included]

[Time TBD] 


[All packages $75 extra per exceeding hour]

DJ or Band Practice
















Can't play loud music at home ?

Practice on our professional sound system and CDJs. We offer full use of our gear to practice nice and loud, so you can prepare for any DJ gig.


DJ practice $30 hourly

Band practice $75 for 2 hours


Set Design 









Do you have some ideas for custom design for your event, photo or video shoot?

Talk to us about it and we can make it come to life! We specialize in custom installations, decor, props and equipment for any event.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 1.35.16 PM.png

Spray Painting


Visit our outside spray paint backyard! Any wall can be your canvas.Bring your own cans and let loose!

$20 for 2 hours

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