Connect San Diego has many services that can be done at our warehouse or on the go ! We can pop up for any event or situation with professional equipment, props, installations and more.


Plan your photo/video shoot, live stream, and more at our creative space









•Our rooms may be booked from 11am-10pm  


•To book , please schedule it in person or by phone call.


•Inform us If you are looking to schedule  

 for graveyard hours (10-pm-2am) for additional fees.


•If we don’t have the equipment you need than you must bring your own.

Can’t find a photographer ? Add a CSD photographer for only $100 more to any package


• Backyard for 2 hours [25people max]


Large private room for 2 hours [25 people max]


Main private room for 2 hours [50 people max]


• All rooms for 2 hours [100 people max] 


Set Design 

Do you have some ideas for custom design for your event, photo or video shoot?

Talk to us about it and we can make it come to life! We specialize in custom installations, decor, props and equipment for any event.

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Pop up


 Silent Disco

includes:: 40 Headsets+ 1 transmitter, and engineer.[4 hours max]


 [$100 extra for additional transmitter]

Standard Sound

includes:: 2 speakers, 1 Dj Mixer, 1 mic, 1 engineer [4 hours max]


Professional Colored lighting-Spotlights-Strobes (indoor+outdoor)



6ft Interactive Graffiti canvas wall

includes:: Markers, lighting, and canvas

[transportation included]

[4 hours max]


Interactive Graffiti phone booth

includes:: Markers & Lighting

[transportation included]

[4 hours max] 


[All packages $75 extra per exceeding hour]

DJ or Band practice

Can't play loud music at home ?

Practice on our professional sound system and CDJs. We offer full use of our gear to practice nice and loud, so you can prepare for any DJ gig.

$25 hourly

Spray painting


Visit our outside spray paint backyard! Any wall can be your canvas.Bring your own cans and let loose!

$20 for 2 hours

Rental Terms


To book your rental,

you must  schedule it in person.


Half of the payment is due up front to save the date. This can still be refunded until your final payment.

Final Payment is due 3 days before event.

After your final Payment there is no refunds.

We do not accept payment day of or after event.


Inform us If you are looking to schedule an event that is longer exceeds 10pm. 

Graveyard hours (10-pm-2am) it can be added for additional fees.


No Re-entry 

 Depending on your project, we can allow you to arrive early and set up.

 2 loud provide speakers, with xlr cords, 1 mic, 

 1 aux cord and mixer are included for your event


 If you want to use our DJ decks for your performers -

$20 hourly to add it to your event.


If you want CSD to DJ your event + use DJ decks 

 $300 to add it to your event.


If we don't have the equipment you need than you must bring your own.


You must provide your own door person,team, supplies , etc.


 You are responsible for your guests actions regarding any damages, harassment, disrespect, stealing, over intoxication, etc.

[All packages $100 extra per exceeding hour]

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